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Gokmen Tokgoz was born in Istanbul. Because of his personal traits, he was always perceived as an advisor and a mentor among his friends and family members. Finally, he chose this path professionally. He graduated from Istanbul University in 1994 majoring in Psychology and earned his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. During his college education, he also joined Sahika Tekand Studio Players, a leading contemporary theatre company and acting school in Turkey. 

In Studio Players, after only 2 years of working as an actor, he was qualified as an acting teacher in 1993 because of his innovative unique approach to acting. He blended psychology, psychodrama and acting techniques in his own approach and ended up creating a brand-new acting system called “3rd Persona”.


During his master’s education, he caught his teacher Yavuz Erten’s attention who asked Gokmen to work with him at Icgoru Psychotherapy Center. He worked there as a consultant and a mentor, first with teenagers and adolescents and then with adults and couples between 1995-2006.


In 1999, he completed his military service as a Psychologist Officer and received a certificate of merit. He was the only psychologist of a brigade, which consisted of 3000 men, and was responsible for their psychological well-beings and motivation.


He opened his own office in 2007 in Istanbul and has been working there for more than 10 years. As a mentor, he has worked not only with couples and families, but also with members of family businesses. Family businesses are deeply affected by close family relationships and therefore usually suffer from unprofessional actions and lack of regulation. He concentrated on this niche market and focused on solving family business problems, including determining family members’ personal conflicts, employee/employer harmony and finally costumer satisfaction.


He established his own theatre company, Kuzgun with his wife / contemporary play writer Beyza Huseyinoglu Tokgoz in 2011. He directed the play named “Mitoz”, and the play staged all year long.


Gokmen Tokgoz always thought a theoretical background enriches the work he does, so he attended innumerable workshops, certificate programs and trainings. He was also qualified to receive The Certificate of International Psychoanalytic Association in 2014, which usually takes many years to reach.


In order to share his experience more extensively and internationally, Tokgoz has moved his head office to London. As a mentor who has clients from London, France, Germany, Denmark and the United States, he chose to work in London because of this beautiful city’s central location.

  • Department of Psychology, Istanbul University 1990-1994.

  • Clinical Psychology Master Program, Department of Psychology, Istanbul University, 1994-1998

  • Acting, Sahika Tekand Studio Players, 1991-1993

  • Psychoanalytic Formation, 2006 - 2014

Professional Qualified Memberships
  • Member of International Psychoanalytic Association

  • Member of Psike İstanbul Psychoanalytic Association for Training, Research and Development

  • Member of Turkish Psychological Association

  • Member of British Psychological Society

Work Experience
  • Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Içgörü Psychotherapy Center, Istanbul, 1995 - 2006

  • Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Private Practice, Istanbul, 2006 - today

  • Actor, Sahika Tekand Studio Players, Istanbul, 1991 - 2001

  • Actor's Coach, Sahika Tekand Studio Players, Istanbul, 1993 - 2010

  • Actor's Coach, Private Practice, Istanbul, 2010 - today

  • Director, Kuzgun Theatre Company, 2012 - today

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